Our Mission

Our biggest purpose is to spread and share the power of breathing and breath holding with as many people as possible. We strongly believe that Freediving is not only a sport or a water activity, but also a way of living, and the most natural way to interact with the ocean.

Freediving is one of the greatest tools in life to develop self-awareness and self-control, since we start getting deeply in touch with ourselves: our thoughts, our ability to relax and our true physical capacity.

The practice of Conscious breathing and breath holding will allow you to take your physical and mental performance to the next level, and allow you to become a stronger, more resilient version of yourself.

Our Mindset

“Freediving has taught me the power of inner observation and self-control”

Freediving Costa Rica was created by Freedivers and Surfers, and although we love the extreme aspects of these sports, we firmly believe anyone can benefit from the art of conscious breathing.

It does not matter if it is your very first time practicing breath holding, if you have never surfed before or if you are not even interested in diving deep or taking this knowledge to the water, Breath training is the ultimate training to enhance life quality and human potential.

So in the end, Freediving is not about diving as deep as possible or holding your breath for a certain amount of time, but rather about connecting and discovering your own path to a better life quality through the power of breathing and breath holding.

Our Story

“A place where people can learn, share and grow together through Freediving, movement & nature”

Freediving Costa Rica was founded by Augusto Carrara, who was constantly seeking and exploring new ways to connect his biggest passions: the ocean and sports.

As a Physical Education Teacher, an Apnea Total & Molchanovs Instructor and Survival Apnea Coach, Augusto founded Freediving Costa Rica in Santa Teresa in 2019, a place where he could finally mix all of his passions together.

One year later, in 2020 Surf Club was born, a Surf Performance Training Center founded by Augusto Carrara and Gaston Schenone, local big wave surfer and professional Martial Artist, where they both share their lifetime experience in the ocean and with sports to anyone seeking to enhance their Surfing and Ocean confidence through the practice and coaching of several different disciplines.


Augusto was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During his childhood, he was always extremely energetic and super enthusiastic about playing all kind of sports, and, of course, very passionate about water. On 2014, he completed his studies at ISEF (Instituto Superior de Educacion Fisica) in Buenos Aires, graduating with honors and a degree as a Physical Education Teacher. He moved to Costa Rica in 2014, where he finally realized he had to live close to the ocean, and he put all his energy in becoming a better surfer and freediver.

On 2018, he became an Apnea Total Freediving Instructor and Survival Apnea Instructor and taught these courses in different countries in Asia and Latin America. On 2019, he went back to Costa Rica to start his biggest dream: share his passion for freediving, surfing and tons of other sports in the place he loves the most in the world.