Over the last years, Freediving has become a very popular training tool amongst the surfing community because of its unbelievable benefits. Here FREEDIVING COSTA RICA will give you the 5 top reasons why you should FREEDIVE IF YOU SURF!

“Freedive if you surf, but also if you want to change your life”

1) Learn to breathe PROPERLY

If you want to take your surfing game to the next level, you should start paying attention to the WAY YOU BREATHE. Understanding how to properly use your lungs either if you are paddling, waiting in the line up or taking a PROPER LAST BREATH before a wipeout can dramatically increase your confidence, ability to stay focused and calmed and improve your athletic performance. An efficient and correct breathing is a MUST if you want to start seeing big changes in your surfing. The biggest reason why you should FREEDIVE IF YOU SURF!


Imagine how nice it would feel if every time you experience a wipeout your body and mind are feeling completely relaxed, with no strong urge to breathe, or no feelings of anxiety or panic.. Freediving will increase your ability to hold your breath for a longer period of time and give you self control and self awareness during any type of breath holding situation. With a proper freediving training and coaching, you will find yourself achieving +3 minutes breath holds in no time. After experiencing this, you will be laughing underwater even after the strongest wipeout!

“Surfing requires commitment, commitmemt requires confidence. Freediving is about trusting yourself and creating inner confidence”


We all know that being fit, agile, flexible, having a solid technique or being strong are all attributes that will translate into a better surfing. However, ALL OF THIS can turn useless if you can’t tune in into THE RIGHT MINDSET. The best athletes not only posses an insane amount of skill and a very strong physical capacity, they also have very resilient, focused and methodic minds. Practicing freediving will allow you to know yourself better and know how to start controlling and being more aware of the ways you react in different situations. Gaining self awareness, self control and mind resiliency will develop greater focus, will give you the ability to do a more accurate, positive self assessment during potential stressful situations and thus allow better, sharper and smarter ways to react to different contexts. Apnea training will boost your mind game and empower yourself. ARE YOU READY TO GO TO THE MIND GYM?


Have you ever felt like you are out of air during a wipeout situation? This annoying sensation in your body that does not allow you to be completely comfortable underwater? Do you even know what actually causes the “urge to breath”? You can check out THIS VIDEO in which professional waterman MARK HEALEY SHOWS AND TALKS ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF BREATH HOLD TRAINING. Understanding what is actually happening in your body is the FIRST STEP to become “wipeout bullet-proof”. There are NO BIG WAVE SURFERS who DON’T TRAIN FREEDIVING. Having stronger, healthier lungs and a better capacity to withstand stress in your body is a MUST for surfers. In freediving, we will explain you what actually causes the urge to breath, what happens to our body physiologically and psychologically and how to be more calm and in control during wipeouts or stressful situations underwater.

"When we have more space in our lungs, our body becomes more efficient"
“When we have more space in our lungs, our body becomes more efficient”


FREEDIVING is the ART OF RELAXATION, and it opens the door to the magic world of breath holding and how to approach it smartly and skillfully. Learning how to relax the body and the mind can be a complete game changer for any athletic situation. Relaxing is a KEY ELEMENT for any sport and it has a direct effect on surfing performance, either if its relaxing yourself during a wipeout, relaxing your body to be a little bit more loose on the board or knowing how to calm yourself down if you are feeling angry, stressed because you missed a wave or because somebody ruined your wave. RELAXATION IS A SKILL AS IMPORTANT AS ANY OTHER PHYSICAL SKILL, and you should start paying attention to it if you want to improve your overall surfing performance!


If you liked this article, check OUR COURSES IN COSTA RICA and start your journey into freediving training for surfers NOW! Do not skip this opportunity to discover your real underwater potential, learn new training tools that will take your surfing level beyond your imagination!



  • You make some cool points that I had never considered before! And yes, freediving is definitely the ‘gym for the mind!’ Pure control.

    Emma @ Down to Scuba,
  • Very beautiful! The passion shines through the entire website 🙂

    Jennifer Lakshmi,
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