Freediving is way more than just holding your breath or training your body. Freediving is about knowing yourself in a deeper way and at the same time sharing this with like minded people.

Weekly Trainings are available for anyone, but we highly suggest to enroll on any of our Courses before joining the Weekly Trainings in order to fully understand the Psychology, Physiology and Technique of Freediving before jumping right away to the practice.
On top of that, after the completion of any of our Courses, you will get 30% discount on our Training Packages.

During our weekly Trainings, we will focus on developing our Breathing and breath holding skills by using Molchanovs Base Training System & Surf Survival Apnea Trainings.


Our Trainings are always different, fun and challenging, and we try to make them as mixed as possible to offer a broad, full experience of all the Freediving Disciplines. You will never do the same training Session twice, since all of our Trainings are designed by Molchanovs Community Top athletes and Coaches, who will always make a priority to make the trainings fun, diverse and holistic.

We will work on all freediving Disciplines such as Static Apnea (both dry and in water), Dynamics No Fins, Dynamic with Bifins & Surf Oriented Drills. The biggest goal of our classes is to develop self-awareness, self-control, boost confidence and performance through Breathing and Breath Holding practice.


Our Trainings take place at the amazing Pacific Dream Facilities, located in the heart of Playa Hermosa.
A 25mtrs Swimming Pool is the IDEAL length to allow the best Freediving Training possible, since we can really focus on Technique and we can measure students progress accurately.
Classes every Tuesday and Friday.

Class Structure (total duration 2 hours)


Warm-up (15-30min)

Breathing Gymnastics: Freediving Warm-up (Dynamic stretches with full lungs, diaphragmatic stretches, Pranayamas, active full body mobility and flexibility drills)

Main Workout (45min – 70min)

Every Training Session is going to have a different Goal. In some session we will focus on Co2 tolerance development, in some other we will focus on Relaxation and perfecting Technique & in other trainings we will focus on Hypoxia Training.

Cooldown (15-20min)

Apnea Challenge: Every session we have a Fun & challenging Game to wrap up the class!
Cooldown: Soft exercises to slow down our heart rate, stimulate our parasympathetic system and Go back home nice and relaxed!






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NOTE: These classes are not only for experienced freedivers or surfers but for anyone who wants to enhance their ocean confidence as well as their physical and mental performance

The class will usually be divided in groups (Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced) in case there’s a huge difference in level and experience, so beginners will have a friendly, introductory experience while more experienced people will still get a proper training session based on their level of experience

There are requirements for anyone to join this class, but it is advisable to be comfortable swimming in the pool, since our main focus is not going to be a pure swimming class, but a mix of exercises between Swimming pool training, apnea training and Surf Specific Water Training.