The Course

During this one-day course, we will practice and explore the amazing discipline of STATIC APNEA, where you will discover that your body can suspend respiration for several minutes without feeling the urge to breath. You will learn to extend your breath hold abilities and performance beyond your imagination.

Understanding and approaching breath holds in the correct way is a tool that will increase your performance in any activity but also will improve your overall health and quality life, since the right use of our lungs is directly connected with our body and mind functioning.

What you will learn

The Benefits of Static Apnea go beyond Breath Holding: it is one of the most powerful tools to strengthen your mind and become more resilient. You will discover your own potential within this discipline, experience the power of breathing techniques that can be transferred to other sports and daily life & understand how our mind and body function during a breath hold scenario.


One day Workshop (4hrs) including Theory, Breathing Session & Static Apnea in swimming pool session

Plan for the day: our focus and goals

Introduction to static apnea (theory class)

Stages and physiology of static apnea

Advanced breathing techniques

Breath hold practice on land and in the water


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