The Course

Survival Apnea is a course designed by Freedivers and Big wave Surfers, and the main goal of the course is to develop self awareness, self control, mental resilience and ocean confidence through breath and breath holding training

This course is not only designed for those who are willing to increase their performance, but also for anybody who is willing to improve health and life in general. During this course, you will experience the true power of Conscious breathing, breath and breath holding training and what the human body is capable of.

This course will give you a deeper understanding about what the body and mind go through when holding our breath. We will go through simple yet incredibly effective exercises and training methods that will deliver physical and mental adaptations.

What you will learn


Discover your TRUE INNER potential


You will learn and experience the foundations of Proper breathing mechanics and breath hold training, both in and out of the water. This techniques can later be transferred to daily life situations, surfing scenarios or any other physical activity. By the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding about the importance of Breath Training as a tool to enhance physical and mental performance.


One Day Course (5-6 hours) or 2 Day Course (3 hours per day) including Theory Session, Dry breathing and breath holding session and Swimming pool session.

Breathing Mechanics: How to use 100% of our Total Lung Capacity (TLC)

Freediving Physiology: Diving Reflex

The Breath Hold Journey: The Stages of Breath holding

Breath and Breath holding Training in and out of the water

Static and dynamic Breath holding Training methods

Relaxation and Focus Techniques to overcome Physical and Mental Discomfort

Oxygen, Co2 & The urge to breathe

Safety and Rescue Protocol


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