The Course

This course is designed for those who want to fully immerse and deepen their knowledge and practice on breathing techniques and breath holding. This course will give you the tools to fully understand proper breath hold training, advanced breathing routine and how to maximize your comfort and performance underwater.

During Survival Apnea Intensive, we will fully cover how to properly train breath holding. To achieve this, we will teach you how to use 100% of your lungs, how to develop a proper breathing routine that includes specific stretches used by freedivers and surfers to increase their diaphragm flexibility and lung capacity, and powerful and efficient swimming pool exercises that will help you achieve greater levels of comfort and self control during demanding situations underwater.

What you will learn


Discover your TRUE INNER potential


The Survival Apnea Intensive Course is for those who want to keep practicing and deepening their breath holding knowledge. We will mainly focus on the development of a solid Breathing Routine, Diaphragm strengthening and Surf Simulation Training.
We guarantee you that during this course, you will achieve a +3 minutes breath hold!


Three Day Course (10-11hours hours) or 4 Day Course (3 hours per day) including 2 Theory Session, 2 Dry breathing and breath holding session and 2 Swimming pool session.

All the previously included in the Survival Apnea Course plus:

Full breathing and breath holding routine to achieve +3 minutes breath holds

Advanced breathing exercises

Multiple breath holding exercises on land

Diaphragm flexibility and thoracic mobility & flexibility

More swimming pool exercises to maximize comfort underwater

Underwater weight Training

Surf Simulation Training: Wipeout and surfing hold down drillsC

Complete Dry training: How to train Apnea on land with powerful exercises


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