The Course

Breathing and breath holding can be at the reach of your hand, even if you are not able to join us here in Costa Rica! Survival Apnea Online Course was designed specifically to address and cover everything you need to know about breathing and breath holding dry training. This means that, since we are not going to do water sessions, we will have more time to strengthen our Breathing practice & and get in touch with multiple ways to train at home.
Although this Course was designed by Freedivers and Big wave Surfers, anyone who is looking to enhance their physical performance will benefit from this practice: breathing is something that we all do as humans, and its one of the most overlooked aspects of Fitness.
If you want to deepen your understanding on Breathing mechanics, the physiological and psychological importance of proper breathing at rest and when exercising & learn powerful techniques to develop your own personal breathing practice, this course is for you!

What you will learn

During Survival Apnea Online Course, we will help you build a solid Foundation on Breathing and Breath Holding dry Training. After this course, you will have a complete understanding of Proper Breathing Mechanics, and you will be able to transfer all this knowledge and practice to your personal interests.


Three Day Course (9hrs) including 1 Theory session and 3 Breathing Sessions

Plan for the Course: our focus and goals

Introduction to Breathing and Breath Holding Training

Stages and physiology of Breath Holding

Basic and Advanced breathing techniques

Full Home Breathing Routine: Breath Training, Diaphragm Stretching, Static and Dynamic Apnea at Home & Exhale Breath Holding

Surf Simulation Training at Home: How to simulate a Wipeout Scenario


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